Just Published: Global and China Consumer Electronic Case and Structural Parts Market Research Report 2013 – Industry Share,Size,Trends

MarketResearchReports.Biz announces addition of new report “Global and China Consumer Electronic Case and Structural Parts Industry Report, 2013” to its database

Amid high degree of homogeneity of products, mobile phone vendors have started to be concerned about the differentiation of mobile phone casings. In 2012, the market value of mobile phone casings and structural parts reached USD5.28 billion and the market share ratio between plastic and metal ones was 3:1, which is expected to fall to 2.5:1 in 2013 as vendors invest more in metal casings.

Currently, three mobile phone casing technologies have drawn attention – NCVM (Non Conductive Vacuum Metallization), Insert Molding and Unibody.

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NCVM has three major advantages: first, it can reduce electromagnetic interference for mobile communications, improve signal strength and call clarity. Second, NCVM allows plastic surface to represent metallic texture which improves added value of products. Third, NCVM’s semi-transparent feature facilitates the casing design. However, NCVM requires high-cost cleaning rooms and continuous magnetron sputtering devices, plus the related manufacturing process needs a long time to explore. Ways Technical and Foxconn employ NCVM now.

Stemming from Samsung’s Galaxy SII, Insert Molding combines advantages of both plastic casings and metal structural parts. Plastic casings are featured with low cost, and metal structural parts make mobile phones solid enough to resist bumping. For the large size of smart phone (some models even have a size of up to 5 inches), the strength of plastic casings and structural parts is obviously insufficient, but metal ones are costly, so Insert Molding functions as a compromise.

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The report studies the following aspects:


  • 20120114.gif Overview of the global consumer electronics industry, including market size and market share of mobile phones, tablet PC, laptop computers and digital cameras;
  • 20120114.gif Global consumer electronics case and structural parts market, covering materials and technology evolution, development trends, market size and competition patterns of casings and structural parts used for mobile phones, tablet PC, laptop computers, digital cameras and Flat-panel TVs;
  • 20120114.gif Analysis on main supporting casing and structural part manufacturers of the global consumer electronics (mobile phones, computers, digital cameras and TVs, etc.), including profile, financial data of listed companies, technology trends, capacity layout and the latest strategic development of 26 mobile phone supporting vendors, 9 laptop supporting vendors, 3 digital camera supporting vendors and 5 TV supporting vendors.


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