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China Tire Retreading Industry – Market Share,Size,Players Overview and Forecast to 2017 – MarketResearchReports.Biz

MarketResearchReports.Biz announces addition of new report “China Tire Retreading Industry – Overview and Forecast to 2017” to its database


In 2012, the output volume of radial tires in China reached over 460 million and the volume of scrap tires exceeded 200 million. The output volume of retreaded tires in 2012 was 18 million, increasing by more than 10% over 2011 and the market scale exceeded CNY 6 billion. However, the market concentration rate of China tire retreading industry is rather low. According to incomplete statistics, although there are about 500 regular tire retreading enterprises and a number of small workshops in China, retreading over 30 million tires annually, less than 20 of them had an annual production of more than 100,000 units in China in 2012.
With the yearly increase of automobile reserves in China, the volume of scrap tires generated has kept growing by over 10% annually and scrap tires have become a major source of solid waste pollution. There are many ways in recycling tires and retreading is one of the important ways. Compared with new tires, retreaded tires consume less resource and are sold at lower prices. However, the overall development of China tire retreading industry lags behind that of new tire industry due to many special reasons.
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Firstly, Chinese consumers usually have misconceptions about the tire retreading industry. Retreaded tires are often considered to be unsafe and produced by small workshops. Besides, some Chinese media constantly vilify tire retreading industry as “illegal business” and highly polluting. As a result, many vehicle owners refuse to use retreaded tires.
Secondly, China still lacks corresponding regulations or policies in charge of the pollution and recycling of scrap tires. On one hand, scrap tires are burned and discarded in large amounts, which not only severely pollutes the environment, but is also a waste of resources; on the other hand, it causes a serious shortage of raw materials for enterprises processing and recycling scrap tires in China.

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